Woven edge ribbons, to distinguish is easy

Some details make the difference to your product, and woven edge is on of them.

When we wrap up a parcel which contains our product inside, we like it to contribute to a satisfactory buying experience in our shop. And so, we look after the bundle and the style book of the brand very carefully.

We would like you to pay attention to one detail, which to us is the art of our trade and without any doubt it represents an important element of the quality of the ribbon, and therefore of your boxes, cases, … this detail is the woven edge of the ribbon.

The woven edge is the personality of our trade, is what dignifies and finishes all our ribbons, and we are proud to know how to weave.

When you wrap up with any of our ribbons bear in mind this element and you will learn to enjoy its quality, which is subconsciously transmitted to your customers. And immediately and subtlety your product is associated to the quality and luxury.

PUBLISHED 28/01/2013