WHO is SAFISA INDUSTRIAL? A historical overview

Safisa is a ribbon manufacturer of decorative ribbons intended for a range of markets. Its line of personalized and printed ribbons for luxury gift boxes, chocolate boxes, perfume bottles and promotional ribbons, including event-wristbands and lanyards for festivals and events, can be viewed on this website.

Our company’s strength resides in our ability to customize bows and ribbons, whilst offering our clients a personal service, high-quality products and, thanks to our global network, any logistics solution.

Safisa is a family business, born in the post-war era in Manresa - an industrial city in central Catalonia. Like many textile factories of that time, it has prospered as a result of hard work and determination to reach the standards of professionalism required today.

Manresa’s long-standing tradition in ribbon-manufacturing dates back to the eighteenth century. Since this time, the city has been an important centre for this type of artisanal industry. The city’s “Museu de la Tècnica” exhibits the history of the ribbon-making industry upto and including the present day. And, if you dig a little deeper into the city’s traditions, you will discover that some of Manresa’s ‘bestiary’ iconography (medieval animal symbols) also pays tribute to the ribbon-making industry.

Safisa is a medium-size company which belongs to this tradition, and we consider ourselves to be fortunate to be manfacturing products which are still considered as beautiful and as desirable as they were two centuries ago when the industry first began.


THE FACTORY, Customizing your ribbon and customer service

We are manufacturers of ribbons and bows for luxury packaging and are able to manufacture a wide selection of woven ribbons ranging from those produced on the heald loom to the jacquard loom. We also offer a wide variety of post-weave processes from dying and finishing to printing and are able to develop all kinds of bows and ribbon solutions applied to packaging.

However, none of this would amount to much, if not for the fact that we are skilled in the art of using each loom, which enables us to handle each thread with the utmost precision and undertake every process with the utmost expertise.

Our proximity and Mediterranean sensibility makes us uniquely qualified to interpret the messages your luxury gift boxes or personalized promotional ribbons need to communicate.

We understand that our customers are looking for packaging solutions and wish to customize and make their luxury packaging stand out through the beauty of its ribbon.

To this end, we offer our clients the possibility of a dialogue, so that we can understand their brand and create the customized ribbons and bows suitable for each product, launch and promotion ...


Our International Network

Although our product is small, its manufacturing process is complex. Over the years we have built up a network of international partners, which enables us to meet our customers’ demands efficiently and professionally and allows our Manresa factory to provide flexibility.

Furthermore, this network means that we are able to offer our luxury packaging customers the logistics solutions required to deliver their products to any outsourcing company, workshop or factory in the world.